Sunday, 1 February 2009

Resting in hospital

Well, I'm here now, sitting up in my hospital bed. I have just met the anesthetist who seems really nice and is confident my test results indicate all will be ok. Not had the blood test results back yet though. As for the procedure of arriving at the hospital, it was very quick and straight forward. Cin arrived at the hotel to collect us at 12 noon, and we travelled to the hospital which only took about 5 minutes. I was a little nervous at this point and Cin was lovely, reassuring me that everything will be fine. She even held my hand! On arriving at the hospital, I was checked in and my blood pressure, weight and temperature was taken. All was fine. Then we quickly moved on to have a blood test, X-ray and ECG. The whole process from leaving the hotel, to sitting relaxing in my room took less than an hour.

The view from the hospital room balcony is great and we get the sun of an afternoon.

I'm feeling very relaxed at the moment, and the anesthetist said they can give me some tablets to calm my nerves in the morning if I want them. I think I will have them as I'm sure, in the morning, I won't be so relaxed.
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