Saturday, 21 February 2009

Something different

I'm not going to talk about dilation today, as it's still sore. I have got a little closer to gaining that 1/2 inch back though.

I thought I'd give my feelings on post op rest, and how important I think that is. Let me first say that I have not yet, touch wood, woke up in a pool of blood or had any other nasty shocks. 'Pool of blood' is how a girl here described how she woke up (2 weeks post op) in the middle of the night. When I questioned what she had done that day, she replied 'I did the bridge'. For those that don't know, the bridge is a footbridge just outside the clinic, used to cross the road. I know alot of girls say the bridge is something you have to do before you leave, but 2 weeks post op is just too soon! On delving further into the conversation we had, I discovered she was drying between her toes after showering. Again, this just puts too much strain on the wound. I am now nearly three weeks post op, and I can only just dry the bottoms of my legs. It seems alot of girls here seem to think they are ready to get back to a normal life, when clearly they arn't. Listern to the people that know. There advice is given with good reason.

The only other thing I will say about today, is that I have a craving for Cornetto's. I've had five today, and I've sent Dell out to restock the freezer.
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