Friday, 20 February 2009

Dilation, now 3 times a day

Well, this morning I got up feeling fantastic for a change. I did my morning dilation routine and had my breakfast. I did my makeup and went out feeling great. I went down to the clinic as there's free internet access, and did some work. I had another check up with Dr Suporn today too. He did another internal inspection, and checked my vulva, labia and clitoris again. All was fine. He asked me about the depth I was getting during dilation and when I told him I had lost half an inch, he said it was too soon to loose any depth, and I now need to dilate three times a day to try to get the original depth back. He told me I need to apply continuous pressure when I get to my full depth, and while gyrating the dilator.

When I left I was feeling a little down to be honest, as dilating twice a day is hard enough. None the less, I went back to the hotel to do an afternoon 'session'. I got to the depth, and applied the technique Dr Suporn told me about. I was sceptical as to whether or not this was going to work, but sure enough, I gave it a try. I did it over 15 minutes, as told to, and was surprised when I had now regained a quarter of an inch. When doing my evening dilation, I was also able to regain the extra quarter of an inch. I know it doesn't sound a lot, but it's half way to regaining the depth I had lost. So I'm hoping, with continued use of this technique, I can get back to my original depth.
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