Saturday, 28 February 2009

Permited to leave :-D

A couple of days to catch up on now that I can get out and about a little more. Thursday I went over the bridge again to the mall. I bought a bracelet which caught my eye, and is rather unusual. I also bought a hair clip just because it had a butterfly on it. I've always thought my life was similar to a butterfly, in that for 28 years I've been in a chrysalis feeling depressed, suppressed, and unable to do anything about it. Now it's time to hatch out as the beautiful butterfly I was always meant to be.

Friday I spent some time in the clinic just chatting to the other girls that are here. I also had a check up again with Dr Suporn. I was dreading this check up, as last time I saw him he said I may need some more stitches where some necrosis (dead skin) had appeared. He was concerned that the new skin that was growing underneath the patch of necrosis, was not going to graft onto the labia. I was really worried about having this done.

Anyway, during the check up he gave nothing but good news. I didn't need the stitches, as the necrosis has reduced considerably and he could see that it had healed well. He told me I no longer needed to use the Bitadene on the stitches on the outside of the vagina. Which is great as it stains everything, even your skin. He said I could have a bath, but not too hot and not for very long. To hear that was just fantastic, I miss my weekly soak in the bath. I will wait until I get home though, as the water here isn't very clean. I can now also use my normal shower gel to clean the vaginal area. Finally the best thing he told me, which made me feel quite emotional, was that he was happy for me to go home. I just have one final check up on Tuesday, then we'll leave here on Thursday. Can't wait!!

Today I've been for a longish walk, the same that I did a couple of days back. This time I found the mall, which is bigger than the one nearest the clinic. It has nothing of any real interest in it though, unless you want a mobile phone or accessories for one. There must have been thousands of mobile phones on display, I can only describe it as 'a sea of mobile phones'. I also wondered down a side street, there were some interesting shops but still nothing of any real interest. Lets face it, Chonburi is crap for shopping and it's only famous for one thing. ;-)
Walking here isn't a problem and I always feel safe, even when alone. The people are generally very friendly and always smiling. You do get starred at alot, but only because you're a westerner. I have had a couple of comments on the street like; "hello madame, very beautiful" while pointing at my hair. I guess they don't see many blonde girls.
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