Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tube lights...

... beep ... ... beep ... ... beep ... ... beep ... ... , I can hear someone near me. I lay there for 30 minutes (so I'm told) in the recovery room. They monitor everything here, after any surgical procedure. It was quiet and peaceful and I felt relieved that it was all done. After a while, my oxygen mask was removed and I was wheeled back to my hospital room. Dell was there to greet me, although I had not totally come round yet and was fairly spaced out.
I remember the first thing I did when I was back on this planet was look at the clock. It was about 2.30pm. The operation took 6 hours and I had about 500 stitches. I then slept through to the next morning, only being woken at 10pm to take tablets.
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