Saturday, 14 February 2009

Night before Christmas... I mean Surgery

Sunday 1st February 2009

At about 6pm, the anesthetist came to visit me, to introduce himself and find out some background information. He was very well spoken and polite, in his early 30's and seriously good looking. Yes, still my normal self pre-op lol. He asked me things like: Had I had any surgery before? What was my job, was it physical? Do I play sports? Any allergies? Reactions to any medications? With this out the way, he assured me everything will be fine and explained that I would be collected for surgery at 8am.

How I felt I can only describe as this: On Christmas eve when I was a kid, and I still had that 'Santas coming tonight' magical feeling, only with a little nervousness thrown in. I couldn't wait to wake up on the following afternoon, knowing that I had been given such a wonderful gift of surgery.

At about 8pm, a nurse came to my room to shave my genitals. I felt a little uncomfortable in having someone else do this, but in the great scheme of things it was nothing. It was then time to get some sleep, something I had no trouble doing thanks to some tablets given by the nurse.

Monday 2nd February 2009

My new birthday (don't think I'm forgetting the old one lol, I'll expect prezzies twice a year now) had finally arrived. I was woken up by the nurses at 6am and asked to shower. I was given Hibiscrub to thoroughly clean my genital area. Hibiscrub is a medical soap that surgeons use to 'scrub up' before surgery. This done, I was given a surgical gown to wear and got back into bed. The nurse then came to give me a tablet to calm my nerves.

8am arrived and again the nurses came, this time they brought a man to push the bed to theatre. I felt calm and relaxed at this point, then the bed was moving. The nervousness started to slightly increase and I can remember thinking "this is it" as tube light after tube light passed by. Then we stopped, some large doors where opened, and I was wheeled into the operating theatre. Nerves now more slightly increased.

In surgery, everyone in the theatre was completely covered up and all you see is lots of eyes starring at you. At this point a nurse called Dang introduced herself as Dr Suporns assistant. She reassured me and asked if I was ok. She noticed I was cold, and within a couple of seconds I had a warm silver foil blanket over me. Then I remember the anesthetist saying "hello Lucy, how are you". He again reassured me and said we are just waiting for Dr Suporn who will be a couple of minutes. He then said he was going to insert the needle into my hand, I didn't feel a thing and Dang kept me taking while he did it. I then felt my lower legs being bandaged up, this is to prevent DVT. Dang explained that two people will be massaging my legs the whole time for the same reason. Then Dr Suporn arrived and it was time. We exchanged pleasantries then the anesthetist asked if i was ready, I said yes. He said ok, we'll start now. I remember feeling quite light and the room going very quiet for a couple of seconds, then.....
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