Saturday, 14 February 2009

The following few days.

Tuesday to Thursday was pretty much the same each day. One thing I hate when I'm not feeling 100% is the smell of food when I'm just not hungry. Food always seemed to come before we'd want it. Like lunch delivered at 11am and dinner at 4pm. I lost my apitite fairly easily due to this, so subsequently, didn't get my energy back quickly.

My strength was very week the first night, needing two nurses just to roll over in the night. The beds have handrails too, but still I couldn't pull myself over. Over the next two days though, I could turn myself with no problem. Dell was worth his weight in gold, a true friend who regardless of the hour of the day or night, tended to my every need. I was very tired and pretty ratty and he never complained once.

I know people are going to wonder about the pain or discomfort I was in at this time. Well, let me clear that up, there was simply none of either. I was only uncomfortable due the the matress on the bed having long outlived it's userable life. The amount of bums that had probably been in it, unable to move for a week, was undoubtably very high. I could only really feel my 'nappy', the bandage that was tightly taped like such, and the internal packing inside me. No pain or discomfort, just an awareness that it was there. Sleeping on my side was only comfortable after the first night, and could only be achieved with a pillow between my knees.

Drinking plenty of water was essential and the catheter proved itself very handy. The nurses were constanlty in and out empying the bag and supplying me with drugs. All I wanted to do was sleep. I wanted to email friends and family, to let them know all had gone well, but just didn't have the energy. Dell phoned my parents and emailed a few people for me.
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