Saturday, 31 January 2009

Arriving in Thailand

Friday 30th January

As I've not been able to get online since leaving Heathrow, I better start by saying a little about my journey to the other side of the world. We travelled by Eva Air and I paid for the Elite class seats, so we got extra leg room, reclining seats, complimentary drinks, better meals, and a blanket and pillow. The staff during the flight were Thai and spoke very good English, nothing was too much trouble. I managed to sleep on and off for most of the flight (12 hours, 6225 miles) and didn’t once find myself board.

On arriving in Bangkok, we quickly passed through immigration and customs and went to the meeting point where one of Dr Suporns staff would meet us. Sure enough, Kim was waiting and took us to our car. The first thing we noticed was how humid it is here, and it was just over 30 degrees, not bad for winter. The journey back to Chonburi took about an hour and it was fantastic just being able to take in all the scenery. During the drive, Kim discussed with me what would be happening over the next couple of days and gave me my appointment card.

We checked into the hotel and Kim showed us where Dr Suporn’s clinic was as I had to be there in the morning for my consultation. I was a little nervous about this, as there’s always a silly fear in the back of your mind saying “what if he can’t”. After leaving Kim, we went to have a quick look around Chonburi and then back to the hotel for a drink. Dell bought 2 beers and a bottle of water for 120baht, that’s about £2.25. Lucky I can’t drink at the moment me thinks!! :-D

At about 7pm, we were feeling very tired so went back to our room for a lie down. Had no problem sleeping but woke up at midnight feeling very awake.

Saturday 31st January

Got up at 6am, just because I wasn’t tired, and had a shower and got ready. Went down and had breakfast, which was nice, but I can imagine getting sick of the same food after 5 weeks here. It was then time for my appointment with Dr Suporn and I was by this time feeling more nervous. Bo was there, who speeks exceptional English, to welcome me and sit with me to fill out the paperwork. She also gave me my “Thai Boyfriends” (see picture) for later use, post surgery.

I then went in for my consultation and to meet Dr Suporn for the first time. Bo kept me company while we waited a short time for him to arrive, and we chatted about the UK as she has never been. When Dr Suporn arrived, I was examined (which only took a few seconds) and he said that I had very good skin tissue and plenty to use. He also went through all the risks and I signed the consent form. I will be admitted to hospital at midday on Sunday.

Just chilling out now in the hotel room, trying to relax as best I can.
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